Are you someone who enjoys setting New Year’s Resolutions? You are not alone. In fact, according to, “an estimated 188.9 million adult Americans (74.02% of the population) say they’re determined to learn something new, make a lifestyle change or set a personal goal in an effort to better themselves in 2023. The top six categories that keep us to this holiday tradition relate to money, health, career, self-improvement, family, and love.”

Are you one of them?

Here are tips to help ensure you stick to those resolutions!

  1. Set SMART goals. By clearly defining your goal, being realistic, giving yourself a timeframe, and a way to measure your results, you are more likely to achieve it.

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Realistic

T – Timely

For example, saying “I want to save money” doesn’t tell you much. It’s not specific or timely.  Consider setting your goal to be “I want to save 10,000 by Dec. 1” is stronger.

  1. Write them down. It’s one thing to have a plan in your head, but writing it down, brings it to life. When we see something clearly it creates change in how we act, giving us clarity and direction. Studies show that people who write down their goals are more likely than those who don’t to actually achieve them. Write it down, put it somewhere you can be reminded of it often.
  2. Break them down into smaller chunks. So now you have your goal to save 10,000 this year. That means each month, you need to be saving 833 dollars. You can also break down further to approximately 208/week. Having smaller goals you can hit makes it easier to digest, attain and stay on track.
  3. Establish a plan. Now that you know what your goal is each month, you need to determine how you will achieve it. This is where strategy comes into play. Write down all your ideas on how you can save money (or lose weight, spend more time with family, grow your business, etc). Let’s stick with our example of saving 10K in one year. To save 833 a month, we can think through where we can cut back. Go through bills. Can you cut any? Do comparison checks. See if other companies can offer you the same or similar service for less money. For example, if you are currently on Original Medicare and find yourself paying out of pocket for a lot of expenses, there are amazing Medicare Advantage plans you could select to help cut down your expenses. Once you’ve determined where you can cut back, you can make a list of where you can earn. Having a solid plan in place will keep you focused.
  4. Follow through. The most important step is to stay consistent and follow through with your plan. Not everyday will be easy to work towards your goal, so it’s important to stay disciplined. By consistently practicing your goal, you create a cadence in your habits that make it easier to keep at them on days where motivation might be lacking. When it’s tough, remember your why.

Share your New Year’s Resolutions with us!