Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions


Are you someone who enjoys setting New Year’s Resolutions? You are not alone. In fact, according to, “an estimated 188.9 million adult Americans (74.02% of the population) say they’re determined to learn something new, make a lifestyle change or set a personal goal in an effort to better themselves in 2023. The top six categories that keep us to this holiday tradition relate to money, health, career, self-improvement, [...]

Save Money in 2023 With These Tips


Many of us are going to be setting New Year’s resolutions in the upcoming year. From losing weight, to quitting smoking, to saving money, we all set our sights on accomplishing big things in the year. If your resolution is to save money, we’ve put together a few tips to help you. Finding new ways to save money can be frustrating and you may feel like you’ve already tried everything [...]

Making Time for You: The Importance of Self-Care


Life can be stressful. Between caring for loves ones, keeping an active social life, work, planning for retirement, taking care of a house, yard, chores, and working out….we barely have  any time – or energy – left for ourselves. But how can we care for others, if we aren’t healthy ourselves? The answer is self-care! What is self-care? Simply put, self-care is paying attention to one’s own physical, mental, [...]

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