How to Avoid 3 Common Medicare Mistakes


Look, we get it. You’re likely bombarded with commercials, direct mail, aids and info on Medicare. Sometimes, it’s so overwhelming, you toss it to the side and push it off for another time. Before you cause yourself penalties, missed deadlines or fees, consider these 3 common mistakes and how to avoid them. #1 Not signing up on time It’s true what they say; timing is everything. Make sure as [...]

When are You Eligible for Medicare?


Many people only know that you can start receiving Medicare when you turn 65. But there are actually three ways people qualify, and therefore, may be eligible for Medicare benefits much earlier in life than 65. People qualify for Medicare benefits in one of three ways: Age (turning 65 or older) Disability Certain illnesses Medicare for People Turning 65 Most people know that when they turn 65 they can [...]

What is the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid?

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While they sound similar, Medicare and Medicaid are actually two entirely different programs. Both programs can help you pay for healthcare and medical expenses but are completely different in nature. Medicaid is a state and federal program that provides health coverage for low-income Americans regardless of their age. Medicare, on the other hand, is a federal health insurance program that guarantees coverage for individuals ages 65 and over and people [...]

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