Every year for Thanksgiving, we fill up our plates with turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce while gathering around the table to eat with loved ones. We talk about football, the weather, family memories, and even… Medicare?

We tend to turn to family and trusted friends for advice on any big decision. This includes what Medicare plan and insurance carrier they should go with. Considering the fact that once you decide, you are stuck with that plan for a full year until the next enrollment period, this is a big deal.

To avoid that annoying feeling of knowing everyone else in your family made a better decision than you, do your research now so you can brag about the awesome plan you scored. Looking for a quick and easy way to do this? We’ve got your covered.

Our Medicare Benefits Finder quiz will ask you a series of questions that give us a better idea of your wants and needs. By getting to know you, your conditions and location, we are able to narrow down and help you find a plan that meets your budget, and needs.

Here’s the thing. More times than not, we find that the people we help are not getting all the benefits they could be receiving. This is literally like leaving money on the table. What would it mean to you, to your family, to have more coverage on things like dental, vision, transportation to appointments, access to doctors over the phone, and more? Could this be life changing for you? It has been for thousands of people we’ve helped.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, and giving thanks, here are 3 things we think you might be thankful for if you use our Medicare Benefits Finder quiz.

  1. It’s Completely Free. Our service is free to use and you’re under no obligation to buy anything.
  2. You’ll Find the Right Plan. We’ll get you connected to the right plan and insurance carrier. You will not find a better premium anywhere.
  3. We’ve gotten thousands of 5 Star Reviews. We have over 2500+ five-star reviews from real customers. We think the next one might be from you.

Let us help you find the Medicare benefits you want. Take our free quiz here, or call our call one of our professionals today: 855-515-5087 (TTY 711)

We wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!